Why Business Families Have More at Stake in a Time of Data Leaks


Cloud-based digitization has brought remarkable efficiency to businesses and most of us have jumped at it with great enthusiasm. Online code now acts as an infrastructure for ever more confidential information to be created, exchanged and, even, signed. Going with the times, family offices, boards and family businesses have moved vast chunks of their confidential archives and correspondence to the cloud. With data-leaks sending shockwaves through our social and professional workflows, can we still trust our most important information to be safe online?  

To most technology companies, your data is part of a business model. With the exclaimed purpose of ‘improving services’ vast quantities digital input are scanned systematically and stored centrally. Beyond it, we keep learning, they are sold to virtually anyone who is willing to pay. Buyers range from obvious parties, such as advertisers, to obscure resellers, political lobbyists and - at times - criminals. 

Family-owned businesses are deeply intertwined with the reputation of the family. That is why we believe that successful business families, their family offices and boards have more at stake than others when it comes to data leaks. To them, it could very quickly become very personal. 

Trusted Family has always been keen to offer alternatives. Powerful, independently developed tools, built around the workflows of boards, family offices and family businesses. Solutions to manage shareholder communities that wouldn’t infringe on the privacy and security of the most important documents they’d handle in their lives. We value trusted and personal relationships with our clients and legally anchored agreements excluding the use of anyone’s data as part of our business.  

We believe that cloud-based solutions are absolutely the way to go to help your business thrive. We also believe that it is important to know what happens behind the Terms & Conditions button. To most companies, your data is the prize, your business just a number and your family irrelevant. 

Since 2008, Trusted Family has provided technology tools to hundreds of boards, family offices and family business around the world. Learn more about working with us here.

Frank Tobé